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Carers IBs the saga continues

24 Nov Carers IBs the saga continues

We emailed Michael Meacher MP and told him that not only does Oldham have 22,000 unpaid carers it also has an awful lot of them waiting for their Individual Budgets after they were ‘frozen’ by the council.

According to a Director of Adult Social Services, ‘unfortunately’ the IBs were frozen because of ‘cutbacks’ and most carers are seeing a “reduction” in the amount they’re being given however ‘they’ aren’t aware of any applications that are ‘outstanding’.

Well Adult Social Services we know of at least half a dozen and we have a few questions for you.

  1. If there’s a reduction shouldn’t you tell the Carer concerned?
  2. If you’re freezing and reducing Carers IBs shouldn’t it be discussed at a council meeting?
  3. If there’s going to be a delay, a review and reductions shouldn’t you be open and transparent about it and tell someone? Anyone?
  4. If other local authorities have increased their Carers IB amounts and not frozen payments why are Oldham?
  5. Don’t you think Carers are worth it?
Say more than spending £70k on floral displays to win competitions?

We’re waiting for a further response from Michael Meacher MP who we have to say had been very helpful so far.