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We’re going to raise the profile of those affected by brain injury.


We want to change the law. The UK is one of the few places in the world where proving medical negligence isn’t enough, you also have to prove causation IE Yes we neglected you, we didn’t treat you appropriately,  we were rude and abusive, BUT did we cause you to get worse? When people are left with life changing injuries they need help and support. They are entitled to answers and justice.

The law has to change so that people who suffer through clinical neglect don’t have to prove that the abusers made them worse. Nothing will change and lessons won’t be learned if the medical profession isn’t accountable for its actions.


We want a co-ordinated UK wide rehabilitation service that assesses, responds to and meets the needs of people living with brain injury. Focusing on cognitive emotional and behavioural disability as well as physical.


We aim to change the way people with acquired brain injury are rehabilitated with co-ordinated and appropriate responses to their specific needs and ambitions for recovery.


We’re going to highlight the unfair way in which disabled people are directly affected by changes to benefits and welfare.


We want to work with business, local authorities, government, services and organisations and change the way that they communicate with people with disability and learning difficulties. Click here to see exactly what we mean about this


Josh taking part in #CookEatTalk


We’re going to deliver workshops on everything from healthy eating to personal image, life skills to getting back to work and help people especially young people cope with how they and their lives have changed. #LiveEatTalk is our Community Interest Company and we mean business!


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We want people living with brain injury to take responsibility for informing others about their injury, illness and/ or condition by wearing specialist ID, carrying a card and making sure that they’re treated, cared for and responded to appropriately.

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