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The law is a donkey’s bottom

16 Jan The law is a donkey’s bottom

Did you know that we’re one of the few countries in the world where it isn’t enough for the medical profession to admit they got it wrong? In the UK you also have to prove that they made you worse. IE Yes we did neglect you, yes we didn’t treat you, yes we were rude and abusive, yes we almost killed you, yes we did actually kill your loved one, BUT did we cause you to get worse?

We want the law to change. We don’t understand and we don’t believe it’s fair that you have to prove causation.

When people are left with life changing injuries, conditions and illness as a result of medical negligence, we believe that making them prove that the negligence made them worse is wrong. The opinions of a handful of professionals who weren’t there at the time, have no involvement with a person’s actual case or circumstances can’t possibly determine whether or not negligence categorically didn’t cause a person to suffer or become worse.

The law has to change so that people who suffer through neglect and abuse don’t have to prove that the abusers made them worse. They did it , they’ve admitted it and that should be enough!

In this election year headsmatter are campaigning for change and this is top of our agenda. It doesn’t just affect people living with brain injury but all people who are living with injury, illness, condition or disability after the medical profession has got it wrong.

Many medical negligence cases fail because it’s so difficult to prove causation. We believe that’s why things don’t change. Why professionals continue to practice and work when they shouldn’t and why people continue to get hurt and suffer. If there’s no accountability there’s no chance of improving a system that in the last 18 months has been shown to need Triage and some Acute care of its own.

Join with us and write to your MP.

Negligence is enough.

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