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Deb – fedup.com

29 Jul Deb – fedup.com

What a rubbish few days. Josh hasn’t been himself since Friday and then yesterday afternoon I came home from a shoot to find him on the sofa having had some sort of seizure. Honestly it’s 10 steps forward and 25 back brain injury never lets you feel as though you’ve turned a corner or that you can relax. So now I’m worrying again and it doesn’t help when the people caring for him won’t co-operate with what we’re supposed to do in the event of him being ill… I mean expert opinion is clear when it comes to managing steroids and I’m not interested in ass covering when it’s a case of not wasting time and not making things worse. I have spent nearly all morning on the phone trying to make people following ‘protocol’ understand that if Josh has a big seizure or develops an infection because they haven’t followed instructions on how to medicate him then I will not be reasonable.

I think this is one of my biggest frustrations. I don’t care about following procedures when it’s a person’s health and well being that’s going to be affected by the wrong decisions and delays to treatment. When did our system get so bogged down in the fear of being sued that it takes precedence over doing the right thing? No amount of hand wringing or financial compensation will bring a person back if they die as a result of someone confident that they’ve ticked the right box and waited for people who aren’t experts to have their say.

And local services. Don’t get me started… Josh is just a number on a sheet and penny pinching and goal post moving affects him every day. They have no idea – and clearly don’t care about the amount of stress, distress and sleepless nights they cause with their incompetence. And that’s just me.

In the last few days I have lost more work hours than any amount of compensation can reward doing other peoples jobs that I’m not paid for. But hey you’re reading this and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyway back to the day job.