headsmatter | Theresa – families who’d have them?
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Theresa – families who’d have them?

29 Jul Theresa – families who’d have them?

Family –  functional or dysfunctional?

Functional or dysfunctional we are a family, we know what to expect from each other. We’ve grown up together, laughed together, cried together, argued together, but we are a family. So when someone in the family has a head injury we are all affected. Brain injury causes drastic changes and chaos and a crisis can bring out the best or worst in us. We didn’t ask for this drastic change to our lives, we want our old life back. Emotions run wild, fear, anger, tension. In a perfect world we would all cope. It’s not going to happen so we all have to change the way we do things, the way we think.

Are you waving or drowning?

But it’s not all bad.

We can’t control our circumstances but we can control our own reactions and behaviour. Don’t let bad days get worse, if you need help ask. We don’t all get up in the morning full of the joys of spring, it’s normal to be angry and hurt and exhausted, however its how you deal with it that counts.

You certainly need a sense of humour, you all have a new member to your family who needs your help and may need more attention than they did before. You will compare the differences, but don’t dwell on it. If you do you won’t move forward. Always remember you are human. If you need to talk to anyone please contact us, we really do know how you feel.