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What we do

brainheadsmatter is an online support group offering advice, information and the opportunity to share experiences.
But we’re also campaigning for change.


We know that more people than ever before are surviving Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI – and that care, rehabilitation and support services haven’t changed enough to accommodate the needs of people who until very recently would have died.


We know that people living with brain injury – ABI Acquired Brain Injury – struggle to access care, support and services.


Services in comparison to other life changing conditions are under-funded and being cut. We believe that all people living with brain injury, including those whose brain is injured by illness or condition, deserve fair treatment.


The World Health Organisation has reported that head and brain injury is now a worldwide epidemic on the scale of HIV and AIDS.


The DANA Foundation reports that 1 in 3 of us live with brain injury either as a sufferer or as a supporter.


The growth group of those living with brain injury are young men between the ages of 19 and 25.


We need a dedicated UK service for the rehabilitation of people affected by brain injury. In particular those with cognitive, emotional and behavioural disability.

And actually it’s about time brain injury was taken seriously


So what do we want


What can you do to help yourself?


So what’s the problem?