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Jason’s story

I am an AVM – Arteriovenous Malformation (an abnormal connection between arteries and veins, bypassing the capillary system)- survivor after sufferering from a bleed on the brain which is also known as a Brain Haemorrhage was comatised for a couple of months before I awoke then had to have a 15 and a half hour operation to remove the AVM. After having surgery I was discharged from hospital to then just be given physio once a week to which my parents weren’t happy and asked the physio if he knew of anywhere that did intense physio and he told them about the PRIORY in Bury but said you have to be over 18. I was still 16 at the time. So my parents rang up the PRIORY and got an appointment for a meeting and they agreed to take me on. It has got me walking again and now I’ve just really got to try and get running again!


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