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Who We Are


We are the mothers of two young men with broken brains. We don’t really like labels and it’s proved to be the case that our experiences don’t really fit any pigeon holes.



Josh was on his way home from work in 2011 when he was attacked and left for dead.
Niall was on a night out New Year’s Eve 2008 and fell and banged his head.



Their lives were saved by the ICU and Neurosciences Team at Hope Hospital Salford and we will never be able to thank them enough for their expertise, care and support. However we quickly learned that there’s a huge difference between critical care and what happens after the acute stage.



We also realised that we were on our own. All we wanted was to talk to someone who understood how we felt. Who’d been in our position. But there wasn’t a group for us. That’s why we’re doing this. It took nearly 2 years to organise ourselves but with the changes to benefits and the continued deterioration in care and support service provision, we believe that if we don’t do it now people who come after us will be even more worse off than we were.

We tell it like it is from our own personal experiences. We’re not professionals but sadly we are experts. If we’ve had a good service, been helped by great people, or just had a shoulder to cry on that hasn’t brushed us away we’ll tell you. If we’ve found a way to get around the system that saves your valuable time and sanity we’ll let you know. If we believe something is wrong we’ll say so. Things need to change for people affected by brain injury and we’re going to do our best to make it happen. 


Our lives have changed forever – we know exactly how you feel and you know what you’re not alone.
Deb and Theresa